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App Manager and Generative AI...

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App Manager and Generative AI...

Product news 2024 - Data On Duty

If 2023 has been particularly rich in new features and improvements for the Data On Duty platform, we're about to discover that 2024 will also be an excellent vintage.

For the record

In 2023, numerous improvements were made to the automated generation of tagging plans, including

  • Self-cleaning
  • A pre-populated querry-builder for access to the most targeted report without coding
  • Integration of the alerting system.

By the way, we've listened to your comments about other applications alerting too much.
We've therefore significantly modified "DoD - Alerting Center" to reduce its communication to the bare essentials.

From now on, you will only receive real-time notifications of alerts declared as such. Other alerts are delivered as grouped notifications at the frequency requested.

And for even greater efficiency, you now have the option of adding an alert trigger with a single click, from any Privacy Manager or Governance Manager report.
More than ever, once the automated Data On Duty set-up has been completed, you can forget about the platform and focus on the business.

Data On Duty - AppManager

To get 2024 off to a good start, you can now create visitor paths on your favorite mobile apps with DoD - App Manager.

Leveraging the back-end of our visitor journey creation solution, App Manager will provide you with a rigorously identical user experience.

Android, iOS, tablet, smartphone, portrait, landscape, it doesn't matter... all cases can be analyzed natively, without an emulator.

History of AI

In 2024, we'll be taking the "generative" concept applied to Data On Duty's exclusive tagging plans even further, with generative AI "at every level", providing the most powerful decision support on the market when it comes to tracking performance in a regulated environment.

More on this in the next episode.

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