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Data On Duty®, the Data Compliance Platform

Your tracking and visitor experience data is worth its weight in gold. Take control of visitor engagement and conversion.

With Data On Duty®, control H24, automatically and exhaustively the compliance of the tracking with your business stakes and GDPR. Data On Duty® is a suite of solutions, including: 

. Data On Duty Governance Manager® alerts you to tracking compliance errors before they occur.

. Data On Duty Privacy Manager® alerts you to GDPR compliance errors before they occur.

Data On Duty® solutions’ automated processes allow you to drastically reduce the Time To Market, TCO of your MarTech, operating costs and costs of inefficient campaigns, while significantly optimizing productivity and ROI.

*The analyses carried out by our consultants are reserved for Brands, Retailers, Media and Digital Agencies. In order to avoid any unfair competition, the domain name of the analyzed site must belong to the company declared in the form.