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Ebook: the ABC's of tracking tool migration

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Ebook: the ABC's of tracking tool migration

Migration of tracking tools is a delicate process: any change on your site can alter the quality of data collected by tracking (erroneous, fragmented data)... and therefore lead you to make bad strategic decisions. But don't worry: thanks to this ebook, you'll know everything about the migration of your tracking tools - and you'll have all the elements to plan it in an optimal way.

News on tracking tools migration

On July 1st 2024, Universal Analytics (or GA3) will no longer be supported and will be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (or GA4): with the development of mobile applications, the GDPR regulation, the changes in consumer behavior, it has become necessary to change the way data is collected and analyzed. The migration to GA4 (or any other alternative solution) is therefore mandatory, and it is better to do it as soon as possible in order to keep a sufficient data precedence.

In any case, and whatever your reasons for migrating your tracking tools, we are here to help you succeed !

In this ebook

To start on the right foot, you will find answers to all your questions. 

  • What is it? What is the migration of tracking tools, and what consequences it can have on the exploitation of data (CRM, business choices...) 
  • Why is this? How the migration of tracking tools impacts data collection - but also the data itself, which is used to make strategic decisions 
  • When to migrate? When to migrate your tracking tools, depending on the legal, technological or business context 
  • How do we do it? The main issues to be taken into account during the migration (automation, team gathering, compliance control...)

Thus, since tracking tools are more than ever at the heart of the strategy of companies, their migration represents a crucial step: you will find in this ebook a complete guide to succeed !

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