Replay Master Class: Reconciling Tracking Performance and Respect for Privacy

Maintain optimal data collection

Give your digital analysts a platform to build their strategies and data collection models. Our solution: an object-oriented studio for generating tagging plans and visitor paths.

Optimize the governance of your Tags & MarTechs

On a daily basis, your teams need reliable data. Automate the validation process, monitor tags, audit data quality: our solution is a game changer!

Validate comprehensive tracking of tag, variable and data deployment

Automate the control of the presence of tags but also of the validity and accuracy of the data to be collected.

Accelerate the migration of MarTechs and Tags

Generate tagging plans based on your assets, modify them and publish them in a Visual Studio to fit your goals.

Take charge of migration and testing with confidence

Take advantage of a global view to manage versioning, ensure acceptance in a few clicks and control compliance with tagging plans thanks to alerts.

Test the implementation of MarTechs and configurations

From the platform, test and pilot your configurations continuously while taking advantage of a centralized management of all the tools.

Simplify your teams' daily work with Governance Manager

Analyze, monitor and validate compliance of deployed Tags and MarTechs with tagging plans. All in just a few clicks.

Reduction of the workload to 80%

Focus only on validating the data collected

100% compliance control

Respect the GDPR and data privacy at all times

Reduces test time by up to 500 %

Increase your testing capacity and responsiveness

100% tracking efficiency

Make your tags and manage the follow-up of your MarTechs in service 24/7

Ready to (really) enjoy your data?

The first step is to be clear on everything you can improve...

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