Replay Master Class: Reconciling Tracking Performance and Respect for Privacy

Centralize and share tracking to make better decisions

Replace spreadsheets and other CSV files with a single, shareable platform that brings together all Tags & MarTechs.

And put quality and data protection at the heart of your concerns!

Unleash the full power of your data (finally)

Get instant access to a single view of the tagging plan at any time.

Import, design, generate and modify your tagging plans

Simplify the design and generation of tagging plans, from any Tags & MarTechs to benefit from a real analysis capability.

Accelerate the migration of MarTechs and Tags

Take advantage of an automated and centralized generation of your tagging plans for a total and permanent control of your migrations.

Get a single view of the tagging plan

In a single, shared location, you can analyze data collection, secure data quality, and anticipate any adjustments.

Align tracking and regulations

Take back control of data privacy and GDPR compliance on your tagging plan.

Meet the challenge of operational excellence

Your decisions based on accurate data rather than assumptions!

Governance Manager Tagging Plan Studio combines tagging plan integration, integrity and governance in a single platform. Unlock the full potential of your data!

Up to 80% cost reduction

Reduce operating costs for Tags & MarTechs by focusing on operational efficiency.

Time-To-Market boosted up to + 500 %

Accelerate the process and development of your digital projects to promote growth (count in minutes instead of days).

Up to 33% improvement in consent rates

Reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Optimization of testing capacity and simulation up to +800%.

Refocus your teams on more rewarding topics and higher value-added tasks.

Ready to (really) enjoy your data?

The first step is to be clear on everything you can improve...

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