Replay Master Class: Reconciling Tracking Performance and Respect for Privacy

Collect optimized and monitored Tags & MarTechs data

Goodbye, MarTechs and underperforming web campaigns. Simulate the best data collection models to validate your traffic conversion, ad spend and content effectiveness.

And enjoy a better return on investment!

Centralization of MarTechs data =
better exploitation

Turning your data into actionable information starts with taking back control of the collection of all your Tags and MarTechs data.

Optimize and simulate the implementation of tags

In Governance Manager's Tagging Plan Studio, optimize compliance with your data layer, secure data quality and evaluate more options.

Accelerate the migration of MarTechs and Tags

Don't miss out on any more conversion opportunities by using our automated Tags & MarTechs migration solution.

Test the MarTechs and Tags conversion

Fully monitor the compliance of your deployed tagging plans, from development to production to staging.

Evaluate your Visitor Trust Index

Monitor GDPR compliance to secure the Visitor Trust Index and get more consent and data.

Tracking performance = digital performance

With a platform that integrates tagging plan governance, deployed tagging validity and GDPR compliance, your teams can focus on their real added value.

Optimization of the ROI of Tags & MarTechs up to 75 %

Make the right decisions with accurate and valid data.

Reduces migration, testing and acceptance time by up to 80 %

Automate tedious tasks and make digital analysts happy.

Up to 55% additional consent

Increase your customers' trust with the Visitor Trust Index.

Up to 75% improvement in data quality

Take advantage of truly accurate and reliable data for your decisions.

Ready to (really) enjoy your data?

The first step is to be clear on everything you can improve...

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