Replay Master Class : Concilier la Performance du tracking et le Respect de la Privacy

écran avec plateforme data on duty en conditions

Build the governance & privacy

plateform that meets

your expectations 

Your expert word is as good as gold…

  • Get a demo and give us your feedback on top 3 features of DoD.
  • Get a free workshop to personally study your company’s case together.
Tim Baird, Strategic Advisor for Data On Duty

Tim Baird

Strategic Advisor
Data On Duty

Eric Dumain, CEO/Founder Data On Duty

Eric Dumain

Founder – CEO
Data On Duty

On the agenda of the webinar…

The aim of this webinar is to introduce you to Governance & Privacy Manager platform and to benefit from your expert feedback on our features, so that together we can co-create the platform that meets your needs.

For this, we present you the top 3 DoD features :

  • Customer journeys & alterting 
  • Tagging plans & alerting
  • Privacy & alerting

We’ll also take the time to answer any questions you may have ! 

To thank you for your help, it would be a pleasure to give you a free workshop to personally study your company’s case together.  

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