Replay Master Class: Reconciling Tracking Performance and Respect for Privacy

About Data On Duty

Since 2020, Data On Duty has been assisting companies in the governance of digital data generated by Tags and MarTechs. All this, by reconciling the challenges of the Privacy & Digital teams around consumers' expectations. A look at its creation, its values and its founders.

The essence of Data On Duty

The current and upcoming upheavals in digital marketing - ePrivacy, MarTech developments, regulations, updates - are weakening business strategy. Not to mention the loss of data and opportunities that expose companies to the risk of legal action.

Only a NoCode platform, with maximum automation and intelligence, offers the flexibility to adapt digital environments to these new paradigms.

With Data On Duty, rethink your approach and regain control of visitor engagement and conversion by monitoring 24 hours a day, automatically and exhaustively, the compliance of tracking with your business challenges and GDPR regulations.

Our platform has been designed to help you control your data while reinforcing the confidence of your visitors. By relying on automated processes, our solutions allow you to reduce your time-to-market, the TCO of your MarTechs, your operating costs... All this, while significantly optimizing productivity and ROI.

Our values






Our founders

Christophe Dumoulin

Former co-founder of the Business & Decision Group and co-founder of the Axeleo investment fund and gas pedal, Christophe is a serial entrepreneur.

Particularly invested in the Data, Digital and Cybersecurity sectors, he is involved in the board of numerous start-ups. In the development strategy of Data On Duty, he brings his experience, his business knowledge and his expert vision.

Éric Dumain

Since 2001, Eric has been involved in the digital analytics business and technologies.

In 2010, he imagined and designed the first Tags/Data compliance platform. He won the "Technology of the Year" award in 2015, and was recognized by the DAA in the USA. After working on the challenges of regulations for consumers and businesses, he created Data On Duty in 2020.

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