Replay Master Class: Reconciling Tracking Performance and Respect for Privacy

REPLAY - Master Class
December 7, 2023

Computer screen and flowchart illustration with cadna representing RGPD.

Pracking performance and
How to reconcile seemingly contradictory issues.

When excellence in customer experience is a decisive issue, tracking performance becomes an absolute necessity.
So how can we turn regulatory constraints into a lever for improving tracking and data collection performance?

Rémi Harari

Rémy Harari

Digital Performance Manager

Charles Cortés

Charles Cortés

Senior Manager

Eric Dumain

Eric Dumain

Data On Duty

On the program for this Master Class...

The aim of this Master Class is to understand how it is possible to combine Tracking performance and respect for Privacy, despite the fact that these two issues are said to be contradictory.

The House of Dior Couture needs no introduction.
Flagship of the LVMH Group, it is also at the cutting edge when it comes to the use of digital technologies and respect for customer data.
Rémy Harari will give us the benefit of his feedback on improving tracking performance in compliance with the RGPD regulatory framework.

In terms of data, digital and now AI usage expertise, Converteo is the leading facilitator of the French economic fabric with over 400 consultants.
Charles Cortés will share with us the best practices implemented by Converteo on behalf of major world-class groups such as LVMH.

We address the business, organizational, human, methodological and technical challenges, not forgetting of course the pitfalls to avoid, best practices and the Time To Market and ROI dimensions.

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