Replay Master Class: Reconciling Tracking Performance and Respect for Privacy

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Don't let data governance and compliance complicate your day. Free yourself from the constraints and focus on the benefits!

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Up to 75 %

to improve tracking performance

Up to 800%

increased customer journey testing capabilities

Up to 100 %

to control the GDPR compliance of web environments

Take back control of your tracking data



UX/AB testing




Voice of the consumer


Master analytics beyond their limits

Move from data to insights with reliable, ethical and compliant data collection.

Simulate, plan and execute new tagging plans and visitor journeys for more efficient conversion.

Your tracking performance is improved by 75%.

Ensure data privacy

Free yourself from the constraints of compliance by automating theaudit ofyour data collection, as regulations continue to evolve.

Protect yourself and build trust with your customers.

100% secure GDPR compliance for your web environments.

Respecting consent to foster engagement

Show that you care about the current expectations of your visitors regarding the protection of their personal data. How can you do that? With the highest trust rating calculated by Data On Duty.

Gain back consent and measurable traffic.

Your consent rate increased by 33%.

Ready to (really) enjoy your data?

The first step is to be clear on everything you can improve...

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