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Are you GDPR compliant?

Your tracking and visitor experience data is worth its weight in gold!
Take back control of visitor engagement and conversion. 

Data For Conversion Made Simple

Data On Duty® is a suite of automated SaaS-based MarTech monitoring and data governance solutions for data managers.

Data On Duty®, the Governance Platform for MarTech and Data

The very functioning of the Web constantly breaks tracking. Every day, unwanted piggy-back tags and cookies pollute your sites & Web Apps, putting your data at risk. As a result, you are blindsided and losing business opportunities while exposing yourself to the risk of RGPD infringement. Your digital ecosystem generates hidden maintenance costs, lost time and risks of fines.

MarTech governance is the first step in  Data Governance. With Data on Duty®, you can implement best practices to ensure marketing effectiveness throughout your processes.

Automate processes

Streamline data collection

Fair & compliant data

Powerful analytics & conversion

Automate processes

Streamline data collection

Fair & compliant data

Powerful analytics & conversion

The automated processes of Data On Duty® solutions allow you to accelerate Time To Market, drastically reduce your MarTech' Total Cost of Ownership, operating costs and inefficient campaign costs, while significantly optimizing productivity and ROI.

Accelerating the TMT

Automate compliance and regression performance testing, from development to production, up to operations

Reduce TCO

Optimize MarTech’ costs of using
Anticipate the financial risks of GDPR
Improve of Digital Analysts

Increase ROI

Make data-driven decisions with confidence
Increase visitor retention and conversion
Reduce spending on ineffective campaigns

MarTech and Data, the pivot of your strategic challenges

Screenshot business issues

Drive your growth and ROI online

Increase visitor engagement and retention on your websites and applications with accurate and actionable data.

Imagine, test, deploy and activate new data collection models with complete peace of mind.

Simplify visitor journeys and automatically control tracking compliance with your goals and GDPR or CCPA like regulations, to optimize conversion.

Take back control of your data

Visitor experience, engagement and conversion leverage dozens of tags and MarTech on your sites & WebApps generating a mass of data that is often useless and difficult to use.

Data On Duty Governance Manager® allows you to automatically monitor these technologies and the compliance of tracking and data with your business objectives to deliver the best visitor experience and optimize conversion.

Proactively detects risks of GDPR infringement

Secure your GDPR compliance while growing your business with peace of mind.

Enhance your brand image with responsible customer data protection policy.

Data On Duty® alerts you of any inappropriate changes made to your sites and WebApps : JS, cookies, piggy-back tags, allowing you to tackle compliance issues.

Speed, productivity and R.O.I. at its best

Treat yourself to a reduction in TTM of up to 500% and reduce operating costs up to 400%.

Save yourself thousands of man-days a year checking and maintaining your digital ecosystems.

Redirect your employees and service providers to business topics that motivate them and add value to your company.

Data On Duty® automatically and comprehensively monitors your digital assets 24/7. 

Data On Duty: the Data Compliance Platform (DCP)

Data On Duty® enables you to do automatic and exhausitve compliance tracking checks 24/7, for business issues and GDPR compliance.

The Data on Duty Governance Manager® & Data on Duty Privacy Manager® SaaS solutions are designed to alert you of errors before they occur, both on business and GDPR issues.

DoD Privacy Manager logo

Automated testing processes

Data On Duty Governance Manager® analyzes the implementation and compliance of tracking and data to your business challenges on your websites & Web Apps. This solution enables you to optimize their efficiency and performance for increased visitor engagement and better conversion.

The benefits of Data On Duty Governance Manager®:

  • Increase team productivity
  • Accelerate Time To Market
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of analytics
  • Make data-driven decisions based on accurate data


Data On Duty Governance Manager® analyses your sites, tags, cookies and data...


Visualise your MarTech, Tags, Variables and Data inventory...


Define your validation and alert rules


Run automated analyses


Receive real-time alerts


Data On Duty Privacy Manager® analyses your sites, tags, cookies and data...


View the GDPR risks in 1 report


Select tags & cookies ok & banned


Run automated analyses


Receive real-time alerts

DoD Privacy Manager logo

Proactive risk detection

Data On Duty Privacy Manager® monitors H24 the functioning of the Compliance Management Platform (CMP) on your websites & Web Apps as well as the compliance of the tracking (tags and cookies), allowing you to be alerted in case of GDPR infrigement risk (piggy-back tags, cookies, expiration dates, data passing, etc...)

The benefits of Data On Duty Privacy Manager®:

  • Strengthen compliance for GDPR, CCPA - purposes.
  • Provide evidence of method and means
  • Anticipate tracking compliance
  • Avoid multi-digit hefty fines
  • Enhance your brand image

Data on Duty, For whom? For what?

DoD for brands


Offer the best experience! 

Align your customer journey data with user experience and engagement goals. 

Data On Duty® allows you to fully leverage your MarTech for optimal data quality. For example, you can quickly test multiple alternatives to increase page retention and conversion.

DoD retail e-commerce


Control engagement and conversion!

Content, source code, tagging, partner sites, service providers... Stay in control and be immediately alerted if the tracking breaks or is no longer compliant with your objectives and with GDPR.

Data On Duty® allows you to update your websites & Web Apps at any time, from any source.

DoD media


Be bankable and keep your advertisers loyal!

The explosion of digital campaigns has made them almost unheard of. Your advertisers want to commit their budgets on the basis of valid and proven data.

Data On Duty® is your trusted third party with your advertisers. By controlling tagging automatically, you can guarantee your customers accurate traffic and exposure data.

DoD agencies


Stand out!

Build customer loyalty through an ultra-qualitative approach to tagging implementation.

With Data On Duty® you can control the compliance of your tracking with your tagging plan and GDPR, from development to production. Offer your customers the ability to be operational 24 hours a day through automatic compliance monitoring during operation.


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Privacy by design", an issue of trust for the consumer and a renewal of consent for the company.

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Your tracking and visitor experience data is worth its weight in gold.
Take control of visitors' engagement and conversion.


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