Replay Master Class: Reconciling Tracking Performance and Respect for Privacy

Share your digital and privacy issues around visitor expectations

Don't let performance slip away with a unified tag and MarTechs management platform that removes the complexity of tracking.

Tracking Performance

Optimized and monitored data

The solution to get the full potential of your Tags & MarTechs on your web environments.

Simulate the best data collection models and optimize the conversion of your pages, paths and campaigns. And control your MarTechs' ROI, operating costs, and ad spend.

Visitor Trust Index

Increased confidence

It is THE solution to gain the trust of your visitors and encourage their engagement.

Value the respect of everyone's consent and let a third-party actor rate your web environment.

Operational Excellence

Collaborate on a centralized tracking model

Centrally model your data collection in collaboration with all stakeholders (products, business, technical, etc.).

Replace spreadsheets and CSV files with a single, shareable platform that brings together all Tags & MarTechs. And put data protection at the heart of your concerns.

Technical efficiency

Maintain optimal data collection

The solution to give back time to your Digital Analysts by automating all low value added tasks.

Offer your teams automated processes, easy monitoring and auditing with an object-oriented studio for generating tagging plans, as well as an intelligent real-time alerting system.